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Hello my name is Sarah

I am a transfer student so this is my first semester at Chico state

I am second oldest of 7 kids

And my fave food is pho!

Can’t wait to learn about all of you 😋


Blog 9 Photo Manipulation

The law that France is trying to implement about no more photo manipulation is a very good law, in my opinion. With out fake photos. Women and girls will not have fake expectations they will never be able to achieve. I️ ️ ️ ️ believe not only the US should try to enact this law but all over the world, especially fashion capitals should. What photo manipulation is doing is that it’s taking a perfectly beautiful woman and changing her appearance to that of a woman who looks almost nothing like her and frankly plastic. I️ ️ ️ do not see the point in hiring a model who you are only going to change to look like an unrealistic version of herself or better yet Barbie.

With out this aspect of modeling or fashion, people, especially young girls, will be exposed to the true forms of beauty and actually have real bodies to attempt to achieve. If we really wanted to impact society, we could go as far as to not expect models to be thin or light skinned, in fact there should be no ideal body type anywhere in the world. If we stop hiding behind fake pictures and showed all the parts of the body that are shamed then possibly a new image of beauty can be born.

Blog 8 

Diversity in video games has been growing more and more throughout the past several years especially.  From including more skin colors to now being on the verge of allowing characters to have different types of physical impairments, the way that we play video games and interact with this virtual world is about to change.  It is probably best that this social change is happening virtually before it happens in reality because this way people can still be comforted by the fact of being able to exit this type of world. The world I’m speaking of is one where everybody is excepted, equal, and treated fairly for no one is less than the other and all characters can and will participate. In our society this far we are not ready for such a quality as we still have yet to learn Equity. 

  To see race, sexuality, and disability be represented and supported in something so common as a video game really is a huge step for us as a whole. When people are able to create themselves or whoever they see themselves as they are able to do so much more than just play and achieve the goals of the game.  Individuals are able to explore how it feels to fit in or maybe not fit in but still be successful because a video game cannot tell any specific character that they are not allowed to complete a level. It is this type of diverse equality that can allow even introverts to experience themselves for who they are and even be able to enjoy their life, even if it is virtual.  

  If nothing less it is important for video games to include this type of diversity as video games are a big part of the socialization of children. This socialization is what teaches us to interact with others in society and how we should persieve people who are different from the ideal which is a white, middle-class, male who is straight. If young boys and girls can grow up playing games where there are so many different types of people around them it could possibly have a positive effect on their mentality of society and how they treat people in the long run. These small changes with the characters, although they may be seen as silly or unnecessary, can have a large affect on how a child develops psychologically in what they see and believe about people. 

Market brief

By the end of 2016, mobile app downloads sat at 149.3 Billion downloads for the year worldwide. This number is projected to increase around 56% in the year 2017, and then by another staggering 194% from the 2016 number by the year 2021 (Statista, 2017). 2016 sports an incredible amount of mobile app downloads and the projected figures for the near future are even more impressive. The rise of mobile apps spurred by a technological revolution in recent years is an ever growing phenomenon in the world today, and the growth of app usage worldwide is increasing exponentially year by year. What may be even more surprising than the statistics behind the amount of downloads in a single year is the amount of revenue that has been acquired along with them. The year 2016 gained an estimated $88.3 Billion (Statista, 2017), that is roughly the same amount of money that Bill Gates was worth in 2014 (Picchi, 2014). The future projections of this statistic by the year 2020 sits at an estimated $188.9 Billion (Statista, 2017), which is a 168% increase in revenue. Mobile apps are seemingly only going to grow in the upcoming years. With new technological advancements in the world of smartphones coming out on a weekly basis, the sky is the limit for this field of mobile app technology.

As smartphones have gotten more and more popular since their release 10 years ago more and more people are buying them and using them from, Figure A , shown below the Bibliography, is information on the demographics of smartphone users. As seen below there are 96% of men own a cellphone and 78% of them own a smartphone of some sort. This matched with the data from the female side of this is 94% of females owning a cellphone and 75% of those females own a smartphone. Then if i was to break that down further in the race categories out of the white community 94% of them owned a cell phone and out of that percentage 77% of them owned a smartphone. The black community with a percentage of 94% owning cell phones the same as the white community, but out of that percentage only 72% owned a smartphone. Then came the hispanic community with a 98% owning a cellphone with only 75% owning a smartphone. Now if i took this information broke it down further into age it would show that between the the ages of 18-29 100% of them own a cellphone out of that percentage 92% of them own a smartphone. Then between the ages of 30-49 is 99% own a cellphone and 88% of them own a smartphone. Between the ages of 50-64 is 97% own a cellphone with only 74% of them own a smartphone. Finally anything above the age of 65 80% of that group owns a cellphone and out of that only 42% own a smartphone. With the millennials now being between the ages of 18-24 it is shown here that majority of millennials own a smartphone. Finally breaking down to education level you can see the differences in statistics as you go up in education level from the high school graduate level having a 92% owning a cellphone and 69% owning a smartphone to the some college to college graduates having a range of 96%- 97% owning a cellphone to 80%-89% owning a smartphone. With this information we can see that majority of smartphone users are between being in college and graduating college. Overall with this information it further proves how popular the Mobile world has gotten.

As it can be seen everywhere, phones are taking over even to the point that we make any and all things mobile if possible. With Mobile Apps literally making businesses millions of dollars, our idea of a fitness app specifically for Chico State students to interact and meet up could possibly allow for major income escalation for the university. When statistics are indicating that people who fall in the age group of 18 to 24 years of age use more mobile apps than any other group. (Saifi 2017) It would be expected that because most students attending our university fall within this age range that this fitness, meet up app will have a high likelihood of being downloaded and used. It is essential to note that there will be further evolution of LBS to provide users with real-time information in 2017 (Saifi 2017) and because of this foreseen development our app will further be able to flourish in the Mobile App market as many apps are already relying on location technology which will allow ours to tag on and fit right in. Already fleshing with it’s market, our app can greatly benefit clubs, organizations and even relationships all over the Chico campus community. Allowing its users to see real-time as well as future fitness events happening amongst pears, any person who attends CSU Chico can chime in and attend whenever they please. This capability will enable students to not only meet others they might not have met otherwise but also try things they never have done with people they already have at least one thing in common with and that is that they all are students attending the same institution.

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(Figure A)(Mobile Fact Sheet Jan 2017)

Any cellphone


Cellphone, but not smartphone

























Ages 18-29
















Less than high school graduate




High school graduate




Some college




College graduate




Less than $30,000




























Source: Survey conducted Sept. 29-Nov. 6, 2016.

Pew Research Center

Just to help getting thoughts down-

The brief should:

Outline total revenues for the field and projections for the future

Discuss demographics of users: income, age, education, race/ethnicity, etc.

Discuss relevant statistics such as items sold, market share, time spent, etc.

Relevant statistics:

Items sold:

Market share:

Time Spent:

Finally discuss what your product/service does to fit into the market and meed the needs of users based on your research

Blog 7 The Digital Divide

Among the many gaps in our country there is even one between those who have tech and those who do not. This is called the Digital Divide and it mainly exists between rural and urban civilizations. Those who live in rural areas do not have the same access to internet and personal computers as people living in more urbanized areas. This is something to address as where there is little access to internet there are children and even adults struggling to complete school work that is crucial to the betterment of their lives. Imagine the struggles we face while impatiently waiting for something to load, now put that on top of having to find a computer to even have this struggle with or possibly by asking a phone to do the tasks of a desktop. In attempts to close the digital gap, possibly institutions could offer 24 hours use of public computers so that no one with little access to tech will feel rushed to complete any assignment or task. Or as some schools have already begun doing is that laptops can be loaned out to students each year so they can complete assignments in the comfort of their own home. To keep from these pieces of tech being stolen perhaps trackers can be placed on them to know who had which device. Although due to rural towns typically being smaller, the passing out of laptops or any device should be easy to track. It may not seem like a true social issue but in a world being more and more run by tech, this digital divide is slowly becoming a social problem that we should fix while we are ahead.

Blog 5, sources in APA 

Gazdecki Andrew (2017,September,20)How To Pitch Apps To Small Businesses.https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/300384

This article says not to pitch your app idea as an app to the business but an oprotunity for business growth through mobile.  Convincing a company to adopt a new piece of technology is a lot harder than convincing them to adopt something that will help their business grow.  So many of us doeverything from our phones now a days it would be difficult to convince a business to NOT use a mobile app to expand their clientele.   

Moazed, Alex (2016,May,23) How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?https://www.applicoinc.com/blog/much-cost-build-app/

This article tells about the costs of making an app and what to consider when going for the best price and quality of an app and its developers.  Apparently making an app right can cost  between 100,00 and 300,00 dollars but can be as low as 5,000 dollars.  Just as with most development, off shore labor will cost more than local labor and the up front price does not tell you anything,  app development is complicated and with many start up’s there is many variables that go into it.  

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